Countertops and Overlays in Pittsburgh, PA

Concrete Countertops are Available in Many Color and Texture Varieties

22 Concrete Designs & Contracting offers countertops and overlays in Pittsburgh, PA. There are many options for countertops today, including concrete, an increasingly popular option you may not have thought of before. Concrete countertops are a great addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Homeowners in the Pittsburgh, PA, area choose concrete for their countertops because of its natural and modern appearance. Concrete naturally has many pigment and texture varieties, which make it possible to create a custom look. Concrete countertops of today are lighter than ever before, and adding polymers can reduce the possibility of cracking or staining. Finishes can have a rough, unfinished look or made with a smooth, glossy surface. Concrete also goes well with other countertop materials as well. Since concrete is hand-made, no two concrete counters are the same.

Precast Concrete Countertops Are Perfect for Kitchens and Bathrooms

22 Concrete Designs & Contracting specializes in precast concrete countertops. With precast, your countertops are custom-made to the exact color, texture, and size you choose. We create concrete mixtures and pour the countertop slabs in our shop. Each countertop slab is made with cutouts for areas such as the sink. Once completed, 22 Concrete Designs & Contracting’s professional team installs the concrete slabs over the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom. For more information about concrete countertops, contact 22 Concrete Designs & Contracting at (724) 554-7465. We also offer the following:


Epoxy Overlays

Concrete Floors

Stamped Concrete

Decorative Concrete

Retaining Walls & Waterfalls

Landscape Features

Keep Concrete Surfaces Looking Great with Epoxy Overlays

Are you looking for a way to cover blemishes on a concrete floor? 22 Concrete Designs & Contracting offers epoxy overlays that are an efficient and cost-effective option for turning drab concrete into something special. Overlays also have many decorative options available for an even better upgrade to your concrete surface. Many homeowners and local businesses use epoxy overlays to keep their floors in good condition.

Epoxy Overlays Last for Many Years and Offer Many Design Options

Epoxy overlays are tough enough to last for many years. After adding an epoxy overlay to your concrete floor, you will not have to worry about additional replacements or repairs. A variety of epoxy overlays and many decorative options are available from 22 Concrete Designs & Contracting at budget-friendly prices. Overlays can make concrete floors look like brick, stone, wood or any other design style you choose.

Epoxy Overlays are Easy to Install and are Low Maintenance

22 Concrete Designs & Contracting offers simple installation of epoxy overlays, and it does not require that you do anything to your existing floor. The contractor installs the epoxy on top of the current floor, which saves you money and time. Another great feature of epoxy overlays is it makes concrete floors easy to clean while protecting them from future damage. Adding epoxy overlays to concrete floors also helps when reselling a property. Realtors and potential buyers will like having floors they know are worth the money.

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