Retaining Walls & Waterfalls in Burgettstown, PA

Create Beautiful Retaining Walls and Waterfalls with Concrete

The professionals at 22 Concrete Designs & Contracting are the local experts in building retaining walls and waterfalls that withstand everything for many years to come. Our retaining walls are built to keep soil, sand and stone in their place. With our experience in the Pittsburgh, PA, area, we have learned the techniques for pouring the perfect concrete retaining wall. Waterfalls created by our crew can add an interesting focal point for any landscape. Because of the endless possibilities with concrete, it is possible to design a unique and beautiful space. Stamped concrete allows our customers to achieve the look of real rock and other natural materials you would find in nature.

Add Interesting Dimension and Efficient Space with a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are used to protect the landscape from heavy rainfall and extreme weather, and natural erosion. Concrete retaining walls can be made to provide your landscape the support it needs and prevent it from collapsing. Retaining walls can also turn a landscape into a more efficient space. With concrete, you can customize the shape, height, color, pattern and texture of your retaining wall. 22 Concrete Designs & Contracting can create retaining walls that look like brick or real stone without the price for masonry work. A concrete retaining wall can be aesthetically pleasing and structurally strong to last for many years to come.

Design a Relaxing Space with Waterfalls or other Water Feature

Adding a waterfall or other water feature to a backyard or commercial property is a great way to make any landscape more exciting. The sound of water can offer a relaxing space to you and visitors on your property. 22 Concrete Designs & Contracting can help you create a backyard destination with our concrete services. With stamped concrete, it is possible to create a natural looking water feature without the cost and labor intensive process of using real rock. Artificial rock made from concrete is a budget friendly way to get the waterfall or pond you always wanted.